Leverage the power of a LiquidCompass enabled career site

Cutting-edge job search powered by LiquidCompass 

We configure your careers page to be an engaging, responsive career site with geo mapping, custom filters, and more. Candidates can shop all of your jobs with ease in a cutting-edge experience branded and styled for your organization. And with a lightweight feature called "Quick Apply" you allow job seekers to express interest with some basic information so that you can engage while they are interested. 

See an example of a live client site using LiquidCompass enabled career site: Interim Healthcare

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Dedicated Site

Easy, integrated job promotion with a fast, engaging candidate experience  

Improve candidate flow, conversion and ROI from job search sites, including Google, CareerBuilder, Indeed and more. We integrate for turn-key promotion of your jobs, consistent experience and dramatically higher conversion.

Job seekers want a modern job search experience. Give them one that works on any device, has the features they need to find and apply to the right job while providing timely communication throughout the process.

Quick Apply Phone

Full integration to your ATS

Your LiquidCompass enabled career site integrates directly with your current ATS. Each jobseeker benefits from our next-generation job search and engagement experience while your existing ATS continues to work behind the scenes. 

We also have an optional healthcare-specific ATS available to pair with your new LiquidCompass career site . This ATS has been built to simplify candidate sourcing and the process of selecting and hiring the right talent, and can dramatically improve your recruiting productivity.


Case Study: How LiquidCompass helped Interim HealthCare 

A leading home care, hospice and staffing company, Interim HealthCare has over 300 location nationwide with over 43,000 healthcare professionals working in 44 states. Interim HealthCare needed a new ATS and career site to improve applicant volume and hiring efficiency to drive revenue growth.  

After a rapid implementation, Interim HealthCare saw:

  • 5.8X year-over-year increase in "same-store" applications during the first 3 months 
  • No incremental increase in their job promotion budget
  • Today, across all Interim HealthCare locations, applicants in excess of 20,000 per month

Interim Case Study


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