Meet Urgent Staffing Needs with HWL

"Phoebe was able to increase our capacity to care for COVID - 19 patients substantially and quickly only because of HWL's focused and immediate attention. We were amazed at their ability - in a short timeframe - to deliver the hundreds of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals necessary to stand up multiple new COVID - 19 units. They came through."

Joe Austin - President and CEO

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital


Covid 19 Success Story: Phoebe Putney



Locum Tenens, Nursing, & Allied Health Professionals

HWL is offering healthcare delivery organizations a rapid response staffing program designed to meet the urgent staffing needs that may be driven by increased demand for healthcare professionals and shortages of core staff due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare organizations across the country are currently facing staffing shortages amid growing concerns and rising cases of COVID-19's highly contagious Delta variant. 


Download HWL CV-19 Overview


Key Elements of Our Program

  • Designed specifically for COVID-19 surge staffing needs
  • Vendor-neutral model - access to 100+ agencies
  • Free service to healthcare delivery organizations
  • Reduced fee to agencies for this special program
  • Hire Locum Tenens, Nursing, and Allied professionals
  • Standard contract in place with 100+ agencies
  • Client setup within 24 hours
  • Account manager assigned to manage and distribute orders quickly
  • Ability to manage entire staffing process from order to invoice through the HWL VMS platform


Key Client Requirements to Participate in Our Program

  • Complete form on this page to receive the HWL COVID-19 Standard Agreement
  • Accept HWL COVID-19 Standard Agreement terms and conditions
  • Accept Agency COVID-19 Statement of Work contract terms and conditions
  • Agree to provide emergency privileges for Locums when necessary
  • Agree to standard credentialing/compliance requirements provided in standard agreement


 Download HWL CV-19 Overview



  • Complete COVID-19 Program Request form on this web page or call/email - HWL Sales Department - 833-495-4636 ext. 5
  • Execute HWL COVID-19 MSP Agreement & Agency SOW Agreement
  • Receive login to VMS to place staffing requests