Meet Urgent Staffing Needs with HWL

"Phoebe was able to increase our capacity to care for COVID - 19 patients substantially and quickly only because of HWL's focused and immediate attention. We were amazed at their ability - in a short timeframe - to deliver the hundreds of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals necessary to stand up multiple new COVID - 19 units. They came through."

Joe Austin - President and CEO

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital


Covid 19 Success Story: Phoebe Putney



Locum Tenens, Nursing, & Allied Health Professionals

HWL is offering healthcare delivery organizations a rapid response staffing program designed to meet the urgent staffing needs that may be driven by increased demand for healthcare professionals and shortages of core staff due to a COVID-19 pandemic.    


Download HWL CV19 Overview


Key Elements of Our Program

  • Designed specifically for COVID-19 surge staffing needs
  • Vendor neutral model - 100+ agencies
  • Free service to healthcare delivery organizations
  • Reduced fee to agencies for this special program
  • Hire Locums, Nursing, and Allied professionals
  • Standard contract in place with 100+ agencies
  • Client setup within 24 hours
  • Account manager assigned to manage and distribute orders quickly
  • Ability to manage entire staffing process from order to invoice through the HWL VMS platform


Key Client Requirements to Participate in Our Program

  • Complete form on this page to receive the HWL COVID-19 Standard Agreement
  • Accept HWL HWL COVID-19 Standard Agreement terms and conditions
  • Accept Agency COVID-19 Statement of Work contract terms and conditions
  • Agree to provide emergency privileges for Locums when necessary
  • Agree to standard credentialing/compliance requirements provided in standard agreement


 Download HWL CV19 Overview



  • Complete COVID-19 Program Request form on this web page or call/email - HWL Sales Department - 833-495-4636 ext. 5
  • Execute HWL COVID-19 MSP Agreement & Agency SOW Agreement
  • Receive login to VMS to place staffing requests